So once again I’m facing up to the fact that I am appallingly behind with my blog posts and I have set myself the task of catching up with the backlog so that I can start next year (gulp) with a clean sheet. A big ask as I have nine book and six film reviews (at the other place) to write and some of them go way way back to the time of the year when I was actually reading.

Such is the case with The Last Werewolf which I first heard of before Christmas last year when I was having drinks with Silvery Dude and friends in a pub in London. And I did that thing that I always do which is avoid reading what everyone else is reading which is why once again I feel like the last person in the known universe to have read this.

Which I did. In June. And am only writing about it now.

But it’s a keeper, this one, and I’ve already bought the sequel which tells you something I hope. Quick synopsis just in case there is some other soul out there who wants to read this but hasn’t (I’m always reminded about the old advert for Lord of the Rings – the world is divided into those who have read LoTR and those who are going to – missing out those who wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot barge pole no matter how you try to convince them its brilliant) so this short review is not for everyone except those who don’t read books about werewolves and vampires and conspiracies with lots of blood and sex. if that person is you then you should step away from whatever electronic device you are using.

For everyone else this is definitely the anti-Twilight; grown-up, sexy, gory, morally ambiguous and gripping. Jacob is the last werewolf, tired of life and resigned to dying himself sometime soon as the folk who hunt his like down are closing in. And then something happens which makes him realise that he has a lot to live for and he decides to fight back.

Or something like that.

The story is of course important but its the characters that really drew me in to this book, and especially Jacob and the uncompromising nature of his first kill which taints the rest of his life and was really a ‘wow did he actually do that?’ moment for me. I wanted to know how it was all going to play out and it was incredibly satisfying to accompany him on his journey right up to the impressive ending.

So if you enjoy a really good horror novel then this is for you.