Since last week’s massive haul of new books I have been good and not been tempted to buy any more.

I have been able to secure a couple of tickets for Silvery Dude and me to see Ben Aaronovitch speak about his new novel Whispers Underground at Waterstone’s in London’s fabulous Piccadilly in June; I am very excited about that indeed as I love the series.

I have also managed to catch up on some of my reviews both here and over at Bride of the Screen God; still got quite a few to do though.

But the big news this week is that yes, I have finally finished a book; my re-read of ‘Salem’s Lot. I am so glad I picked this up as part of my Big Re-Read project as I had sort of forgotten just how awesome it actually is. I’m going to enjoy writing about it (when I get that far).

Have a good reading week!