Feeling fairly pleased with my reading this week. I finished Hell Train by Christopher Fowler which I thoroughly enjoyed and is now on my backlog pile of books to post about in detail, which I’d like to clear this week. I continued to read and love The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters and also started and finished Blueeyedboy by Joanne Harris which was really compelling.

New books arriving chez Bride this week are:

  • The Tiger in the House by Carl van Vechten – “a passionate cat lover offers a treasury of anecdote, fact and lore concerning the cat’s independent nature and other traits; the cat’s long association with the occult; the cat in folklore, music, art and fiction; the cat and the poet; literary men who have loved cats; and much more” Can’t have a cat of my own because of the Book God’s asthma so this is the next best thing (I hope); it was originally published in 1936
  • London Fragments by Rudiger Gorner – on ten strolls through London, the author explores the capital’s literary landscape

Haven’t yet decided what to read this week on my commute (Glass Book is far too big to lug about with me); possible focus on shorter works I think to try to get me back on my reading target.