A momentous week! I have finished not one but two books and am feeling very pleased with myself indeed. The Hunger Games is done, as is On Monsters, which the Book God bought me for Christmas and which I have been reading steadily since then. Reviews on both to follow shortly (I hope).

No new books made it into the Bride’s home this week, but I still haven’t spent my birthday book token so that situation will change I’m sure.

I have a lot of books (almost too embarrassed to say how many there are in our joint library) which means that I sometimes forget exactly what I have. This leads to an occasional duplicate purchase, but can also result in a very nice surprise. That happened today when I was discussing this article with the Book God and half way through our chat realised that I had one of the books mentioned (At Day’s Close) – now started as my non-fiction read.

But this weekend is all about the Oscars. I have the day off work tomorrow so I can stay up all night and watch the ceremony. I have seen hardly any of the nominated films this year but nevertheless will be cheering on some of my favourite actors (Kenneth Branagh, Christopher Plummer, Gary Oldman) and enjoying the clothes!