So 2011 ended much as it began, with not a lot of reading getting done, though the holidays were still great fun and of course Santa brought a large number of new books into the house; I wrote about that here.

I failed singularly with the readalong of Wolf Hall, but have enjoyed what I have read so far and fully intend to finish it. I have also made a start on the following, all of which I am reading in fits and starts:

  1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – feel I should read this series as everyone else has and of course there is a major film version coming out this year
  2. On Monsters by Stephen T Asma – one of my Xmas presents and a fascinating look at our worst fears
  3. The Great Year by Nicholas Campion – I have had this for absolutely ages, I think I got it as part of a binge on books to do with the end of the world the last time that was a big topic (around Y2K) and having watched an interesting documentary on the alleged Mayan prophesy about the world ending this year last night, thought I would finally pick this up

I also have plans to read some science fiction as part of Carl’s Science Fiction Experience.

And finally two additional books made it chez Bride after the holidays:

  • Hell Train by Christopher Fowler – one of my favourite authors and a stand-alone Hammer-themed novel which I have already started
  • Spectrum 18 – a collection of the best fantasy and sci-fi art of 2011, a beautiful thing in its own right.

Just need to get cracking with a couple of these to get the year off to a good start!