Well, as suspected I am not only behind on posting about progress in reading Wolf Hall, I’m behind on reading as well. I’ve completed Part One and I am about 40 pages away from the end of Part Two. I have no real excuses for this except:

  1. it’s very absorbing so I feel the need to set aside a decent period of reading time to really get into it, and this weekend was all about Christmas preparations (especially putting up the tree)
  2. it is not the sort of book that is an easy read when you have a mild bout of insomnia as I did on Friday/Saturday, which is why
  3. I got distracted by Mister Creecher instead (more of that in another post)

But so far I really like what I am reading. There’s lots of interesting background info on Cromwell himself, a lot of which I didn’t know. Luckily the fact that I studied this period at university meant that I already know who most of the characters were which is always an advantage. So far I am very much liking Cardinal Wolsey, a thing I thought I would never say.

Nothing I’ve read in the novel to date suggests that I will be changing my opinion of Henry VIII though.

A quieter weekend coming up so hopefully will get back on schedule. But so glad I decided to pick this up at last.