This was my first week back at work after three weeks on holiday and the impact on my reading pattern was felt immediately; got hardly any reading done at all. This was due to a combination of standing on the train (I still haven’t mastered the art of handling a rucksack, handbag and book while trying not to bump into the lucky people with seats), working at home (I also haven’t mastered the art of taking a reading break at lunch as I am all too likely not to go back to my desk), and an evening at the ballet. However I did have a trip to Manchester and read a little on the way back.

All that means that I am still reading and enjoying Look at Me by Jennifer Egan; I am refusing to guess when I will finish it, I gave a little hostage to fortune in my last TSS post.

But at least I successfully completed Carl’s RIP VI challenge and will be writing a wash-up post later.

No new books this week; probably just as well……..