There are twenty stories in Lovecraft Unbound, which I’ve chosen as my read for RIP VI’s Peril of the Short Story, and I’m doing them in batches of five. Here are my thoughts on the first tranche:

  • The Crevasse – a classic Lovecraft creepy, claustrophobic tale of unnamed things in the Antarctic – really liked this one;
  • The Office of Doom – what do you think might be the consequences if you got a copy of the Necronomicon through an ILL? – a gross oversimplification of a great story
  • Sincerely Petrified – can a made-up legend take on a life of its own? – interesting premise let down  by really very unsympathetic characters
  • The Din of Celestial Birds – don’t go into the hovel, no seriously, don’t – doh, too late – couldn’t really get into this one at all
  • The Tenderness of Jackals – dark urban fantasy, but didn’t feel that Lovecraftian to me….

So a mixed bunch as you might expect, will be interesting to see what the next five are like!