Well, I may not be reading very much at the moment but I am still buying books to add to the TBR pile (which by now constitutes most of my house….)

It was our wedding anniversary yesterday and on our way to see Thor (which will be reviewed here at some point in the next day or two) we had a small diversion to a well known chain bookshop “just to have a look”; the outcome of this “looking” was:

  • Mr Chartwell by Rebecca Hunt – has had some good reviews and looks very interesting, plus I liked the cover
  • Great House by Nicole Krauss – again some good reviews and shortlisted for the Orange Prize
  • Harbour by John Avide Lindqvist – oooh, I’ve been waiting for this to come out in paperback for ages, what will he give us after Swedish vampires and Swedish zombies, I wonder?

Now I just have to start reading again…..