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So I may have mentioned once or twice recently that it was my birthday at the end of January (and I promise that I will try not to do so again – well at least not until November) and that of course meant once or two wee pressies of a bookish nature. Plus a couple of small purchases of my own….

First of all, the pressies:

  • The House at Riverton by Kate Morton – I know everyone except me read this ages ago but better late than never, and after all in the Summer of 1924, young poet kills himself, two sisters witness this and never speak to each other again; cue Winter 1999….
  • Dark Places by Gillian Flynn – read her first one in 2009 (I think) and thought I’d give this a try, who can resist the “Farmhouse Satan Sacrifices”
  • Bright Young Things by DJ Taylor – my mild obsession with the inter-war period continues
  • Apartment 16 by Adam Nevill – terror lies behind the door of Apartment 16; all I can say is we shall see
  • Give Me Your Heart by Joyce Carol Oates – tales of mystery by one of my very favourite authors

Plus a couple of treats for myself:

  • Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro – now a major motion pircture of course but this has been on my wish list for ages, but it has taken Carey, Andrew and Kiera to make it happen
  • Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami – a recommendation from the very nice Japanese girl who gave me a facial in the Covent Garden Molton Brown store last week

Quite pleased especially as this is likely to be the last major book haul for some time.

So here we are in the first weekend of February and it’s been nearly a month since I actually posted anything about stuff I’ve read or am reading. In fact it’s been very quiet around here in terms of anything substantial and this is something that has to change.

So why the quietness?

  • technology – I got an iPad before Christmas and an iPhone a week or so ago and now spend my commuting time playing about with them, especially as I am now on Twitter (button on the sidebar if you want to follow my inane ramblings and grumpy-old-womanish stuff);
  • heavy workload – I had the whole of Christmas off and suffered for it as soon as I got back to work on 4 Jan – and in so many ways I’m still suffering for it;
  • general lack of backbone – as evidenced by failing to get anywhere with either the Sci-fi Experience or Virago Reading Week despite both best intentions and something vaguely resembling a plan (though I still have 3 weeks to make an impact on the former) – although to be fair all of the books I haven’t been reading have been within the permitted rules of the TBR Dare;
  • my birthday – my real one at the end of January which involved eating and cocktails and spending time with lovely people and talking about books (just not reading them…..)

But none of  this should have prevented me from reading, and as I said to Silvery Dude only the other day, if you really want to do something you’ll make time for it. Which just proves that (a) I talk a lot of nonsense and (b) I don’t practise what I preach – though that’s the prerogative of being an older sister (don’t do what I do, do what I say).

But I have plans.

I will:

  • write the one book and two film review posts outstanding from January;
  • go through my “I’ve started so I’ll finish” bookpile and weed out the ones I’m not in the mood for at the moment;
  • post about the really nice books I got for my birthday
  • start reading regularly again

So watch this space, something might actually happen!

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