Time once again to mop my fevered brow as work has come to an end for three weeks at least and I am now on holiday. Which explains why it has been so quiet around here recently and as I tried to get myself in a good place with work responsibilities so that I could go off with as clear a conscience as possible.

And three Cosmopolitans in a nice hotel bar with one of my best friends on my last day certainly started me off on the right foot.

 So apologies for not visiting blogs, not leaving comments (which I’m usually rubbish at anyway) and not posting recently. Will aim to clear my review backlog before I go, and will be taking my trusty laptop away with me so hope to blog my hols as I did last year.

And of course there is the book bag, which contains (in no particular order):

Which, when you add the book I’m currently reading (which is The Fleet Street Murders by Charles Finch) looks like a reasonable haul.

Hit the road tomorrow; Derbyshire here we come!