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You may have noticed over the past week that both here and at the home of the Screen God I have been valiantly attempting to catch up with posts. And having done so I have come to the awful realisation that I haven’t finished a book since 11 April (end of the read-a-thon.)

That’s over a month ago (yes I know, stating the obvious but that’s my thing, OK?)

So I got to thinking about why that is, and there are a couple of obvious things that spring to mind:

  1. my morning commute is currently taking place at a time when I have to stand, making the reading of books difficult (for me, clumsy woman with poor balance and lack of natural grace) and then
  2. work is still really really busy despite the ending of a major project, and
  3. although my evening commute allows me to sit down my concentration is entirely shot  by then and I’m tired, which inevitably leads to
  4. vegetating in front of the TV when I get home and falling asleep before my head hits the pillow (neither conducive to reading) and all of this means that
  5. my weekends are spent catching up with loads of other stuff

And much as I’m reluctant to say so, I just can’t get into my current read, so there’s no incentive to even try.

So going to permit myself to ignore challenges and just find something interesting to read, even if I have to open every book in this house – and believe me, that’s saying a lot.

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