OK, so the read-a-thon starts in under 10 minutes. I have a pile of books next to my reading chair, the sun is shining, the windows are open and I need to go and find myself some snacks to start me off.

I’m not going to list my books cos they’re only a guide at the moment and I reserve the right to change my mind.

Plan is to do the full 24 hours with only one scheduled break to watch tonight’s episode of Dr Who (c’mon, did you really think I could wait until tomorrow?). If I complete the full 24 hours I donate £100 to the Alzheimer’s Research Trust; if I do 12 hours they get £50. The Book God is sponsoring me at £1 an hour, other friends have pledged support and a colleague has already given me a tenner so they will get something decent even if I wimp out at an early stage.

I plan to blog hourly with progress, but we’ll see how that goes.

Good luck to everyone taking part.