I have actually been reading and watching stuff, but for all sorts of reasons I haven’t been organised enough to write up my reviews.

I absolutely must, though, because I want to share my thoughts about:


  1. The film variously referred to as Dances With Smurfs or Smurfahontas but which I think of as a great big moving Roger Dean poster
  2. The very last episodes of Dr Who with David Tennant, and the preview of the new series


  1. The feminist reinterpretation of the six wives of Henry VIII one
  2. The steampunk thriller graphic novel with the lead character who is a badger one
  3. The what-the-seventies-were-really-like one
  4. The what-happened-in-the-zombie-world-war one
  5. The great-big-shiny-hard-SF-exploding-suns-sci-fi one

Because they are all really good in very different ways.