What can I say? The past fortnight has been absolutely hectic at work and at home, with big projects hitting important milestones, crazy working hours, preparations for Christmas and hardly any reading time to speak of.

But, hopefully, with the holidays coming up I can catch my breath a tiny wee bit, actually read some books, wallow in the David-Tennant-obsessed BBC for the rest of the year, and resume something resembling a decent blogging schedule.

Or not.

And the first thing to do is to report back on Fall into Reading 2009. In my original post I set myself the following goals; progress noted alongside:

  • read the six books I took on holiday with me (managed three, the others are still firmly on my list)
  • read Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates (nope, and no chance between now and 31 December)
  • finish the 42 Challenge on time (done – hurrah!)
  • finish Carl’s RIP IV challenge on time (not done but read three which, as kind readers reminded me, wasn’t bad)
  • restart the Reading Muriel Spark project (nope again)

At the time I thought it was quite a bit to do, and I was right, but it was certainly worth a try and some of these will spread into 2010 I’m sure (looking at you, Joyce and Muriel…)