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thursdaythunksThis week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Kimber, the number 3000 and the color grape ape.

1. Are your ears dirty? No

2. Would you rather be stung by a scorpion or bit by a snake? (Don’t say either…no one wants to be in pain, that’s the point. Pick one.) Snake

3. Do loud noises make you snappish? (i.e. A loud restaurant, screaming child next to you, booming stereo from a neighbor’s house?) Sometimes, but other times it’s the quiet that really gets to me….
4. PETA- thoughts on this org.? Nope
5. Would you rather be the discoverer of the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot? (Imagination!) Definitely the Loch Ness Monster; it really does exist you know
6. When in a public toilet and it’s not flushed: do you flush & use or move on to a clean one? Ooh too personal…..
7. Neighbors are having a noisy, party bonfire, what do you do? Ask why I wasn’t invited?
8. Do you play Monopoly? If so which version of the game? Not for a while, but always classic London version. Very fond of Vine Street
9. Are you a remote hog? Chance would be a fine thing
10. Do you like the smell of paint? Yes, as long as someone else is doing the work….
11. My questions obviously suck this week. {I’ve had a bad week.} So do you think Kimber should have…
~smoked pot before doing these questions? Shouldn’t condone illegal behaviour
~drank liquid courage? Always a good response to any stressful situation in my view
~begged Berleen to do them (she’s better at them anyhow)? Can’t comment
~just piss off! I could have done better! I would never be so rude…

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