thursdaythunksThis week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Kimber, the color rainbow and the number 2.

  1. Recently Berleen and I have discovered the allure of the Twilight series. Have you ever been suckered into the latest thing? I am almost always a late adopter (except for the Da Vinci Code, when I wished I hadn’t bothered at all). Am avoiding Twilight stuff like the plague.
  2. What software do you use for your e-mail? Yahoo and Outlook
  3. Are you comfortable being nude? Well, that depends…..
  4. What is something you plan to do this summer? Clear out my study in preparation for home-working from September
  5. Do you have a favourite movie/book quote? If so what is it? Can’t find the book at the moment, but it goes something like: ‘”I’m dangerous when cornered.” “Yes, you go to pieces so fast people get hit by the shrapnel”‘ from The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Not very inspiring, but always makes me giggle.
  6. How many e-mail addresses do you have? 4, including work
  7. Is the sky falling? Not the last time I looked.
  8. Have you been to the Grand Canyon? No
  9. When was the last time you mailed a hand written letter? Haven’t the foggiest. No-one can read my handwriting anyway.