This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Kimber, the color yellow and the number 8554.

  1. Did you play any April Fools jokes on anyone or have a joke played on you? I don’t really like playing jokes on people, and if someone played one on me it clearly went way over my head…
  2. If you could be on any non-reality TV show as a guest star or star, which one would it be and why? Dr Who, being deleted by a Cyberman, so as to get close to the lovely Mr Tennant
  3. Do you crack your knuckles? Nope
  4. If you remember your first day of kindergarten, were you scared or excited? It was so, so long ago I can’t remember a thing.
  5. If you are in the shower, hear the fire alarm going off and smell smoke/see flames, will you just run out of the house with a towel on or grab some clothes and dress as you run out? I would probably freeze in a British surely-that-can’t-be-the-fire-alarm kind of way, then panic, then run out pulling clothes on
  6. Last week the Thursday Thunkers asked about your Daddy (twice) so this week tell us a little about your Mom. My poor old Mum is no longer with us and I still miss her even after all these years…
  7. Which search engine do you use most often? Google.
  8. Did you participate in Earth Hour? I meant to, but must have got distracted (honest)
  9. What was the last new-to-you movie  you watched? Was it in a theatre or on DVD? Was it good? No Country for Old Men on DVD last weekend, and this is what I thought about it; and I’m going to see Monsters vs Aliens tomorrow at the cinema
  10. If you do something embarrassing, do you laugh it off or sit and worry about it? I laugh it off at the time, then wake up at 3 am in a cold sweat, and have the memory come back to me periodically over the ensuing years – I still remember stuff that happened when I was in primary school and that was an awfully long time ago.
  11. Where is your favourite spot in your home to sit and relax? That would be here