scifiexp09150So unbelievably it’s the end of February already, and the end of this year’s Sci-fi Experience. When I signed up for this I set myself some fairly modest goals (you can find my original post here) and connected it to the 42 Challenge which I’m also participating in (in which I’m also participating? – grammar – a tricky thing).

Sadly, for all sorts of reasons, I didn’t read nearly as much as I had intended to, but it was really great fun and got me thinking quite a bit about science fiction and what it is. I found some new authors, and at least one classic which I know I will read again (this one, if you’re interested). I’ve also found myself dipping into the Book God’s copy of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, probably a bad idea as it set off a couple of trails which led me to even more authors that I haven’t read – I’m managing to resist the temptation so far (but only just)

The stats are: 3 short stories, four novels started, three finished and reviewed, and one still in progress. Not bad given a bout of flu where I couldn’t read for about a week…….