The Bride's Pride & Joy
The Bride’s Pride & Joy

So one of the reasons I’ve been so quiet over the past few days (apart from still being very busy at work) can now be revealed – the bookshelves I commissioned in May have finally been installed and I’ve been beavering away moving piles of books from the floor, the top of radiator covers, and lots of other places to their new home.

Apart from the fact that they look great (apologies for the poor quality photograph which really doesn’t do them justice) the whole experience has been really liberating. I can move around the house now without tripping over things, I can find my DVDs more easily (over on the far right in case you wonder) and I’ve come across some great books that I forgot I had.

I’m now inspired to try to catch up with my tbr pile now that so much more of it is easily to hand.