This week’s Weekly Geeks theme is to talk about the magazines we read.

I’m going to be selective here because I read a lot of magazines; this is probably why I don’t read as many books each year as I should but I like the different reading experience you can get from a magazine.

Dewey gave us a very helpful meme which I’ll use some of, so here goes (in no particular order):

Empire: monthly film magazine which I have been buying since it was first launched in August 1989, and I have kept every copy, so there is a very high stack in the corner of my study! I love movies, I love knowing what’s coming up so I can plan what I want to see, I love the behind-the-scenes stuff and this magazine says it all.

Of particular interest this month = The Big Preview which covers the 45 most exciting movies on the horizon…..

What this says about me = film geek


Fortean Times: I’ve been subscribing to this for at least 10 years, probably more. I adore this magazine, it covers all the weird and wonderful things that happen in the world, legends, mysteries, conspiracies, the lot. I’m fascinated by what people believe and why.

Of particular interest this month = an article about the Golem.

What this says about me = I’m a bit strange?



The Word: Monthly music magazine, I’ve been subscribing for 3 or 4 years. Gives me lots of info on new music, but covers lots of older stuff and I suppose is of particular interest to the older (more mature?) music fan. Always articulate, never dull.

Of particular interest this month = Dead Rock Stars, 15 sorely missed musicians.

What this says about me = grumpy old woman.


Vanity Fair: One of my indulgences (I get Vogue as well), this is often stuck with women’s magazines here in the UK but I’ve always thought it was more than that, covering politics and business as well as Hollywood and glamour.

Of particular interest this month = article on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

What this says about me = I like a bit of glossy



Slightly Foxed: A quarterly magazine about books, with a focus on older and out of print works; I’ve been subscribing for 3 years. I often find little gems in here that I’ve never come across before. Wonderfully well written.

Of particular interest this edition = Sue Gee writing about reading Mrs Dalloway

What this says about me = I can be independent-minded (it says so on the back cover)


Illustration: This quarterly is probably the most beautiful magazine I buy. It’s all about illustration (as you can guess from the title) but doesn’t just focus on books. It’s a real feast for the eyes and I’m always tempted into buying something after each edition.

Of particular interest this edition = an article on the leading illustrators of World War One

What this says about me = I love beautiful books.


There are many more magazines I could talk about; I suppose these are the ones that I would be most reluctant to give up.