So one challenge finished, two new ones signed up for and three that I’m not really moving ahead with.

I haven’t really started the Arthurian challenge, done nothing more than read the introduction to Tennyson’s poetry, and am coming to the conclusion that the books I’ve picked for it are not really summer reads and that I probably won’t do much with them until September.

The Novella challenge has stalled a bit, and again I think it’s because of my choices, so I’ve gone and made some changes, definitely replacing one book (A Celibate Season out, Provincial Daughter in) and adding a seventh (Rape:A Love Story – it’s Joyce Carol Oates so though the subject matter is likely to be challenging she is one of my favourite authors and has never let me down) which gives me more of a choice.

The Non-Fiction Five is doing better, I’ve finished my second read but not posted on it yet, and started my third, but again I’ve realised that I want to make a change to my list, and have gone back to one of my great loves i.e. sixteenth century history, replacing the Ronald Blythe book with The Awful End of Prince William the Silent.

Now we’ll see if I make progress!