I’m not reading as much non-fiction as I would like, with a pile of historical biographies in particular glaring at me reproachfully. So this seems like a good idea, and I’ve tried to identify a starting list, though these may change:

1. The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford [16 July]

2. Travels with a Medieval Queen by Mary Taylor Simeti [22 June]

3. A Brief History of Secret Societies by David V Barrett [2 July]

4. The Age of Illusion by Ronald Blythe replaced by The Awful End of Prince William the Silent by Lisa Jardine [10 August]

5. Ubiquity by Mark Buchanan [4 August]

The challenge is to read five non-fiction works between May and September 2008, with one that is different from the others (so for me 4 history-type books and one on economics).