So no challenges for over a year and then three come along at once! Becky’s challenge looked really interesting, and I’m glad it’s over a long period of time as, despite how much I love the whole Arthurian thing, Camelot overload needs to be avoided. The goal is to read 6-12 books starring characters found in or inspired by Arthurian legends. Still thinking about my list for this, but have the first few marked out:

1. The Coming of the King by Nikolai Tolstoy

2. The Once and Future King by TH White (this is a re-read but in a spanking new Folio Edition so don’t care!)

3. The Enchantresses by Vera Chapman

4. The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

5. The Idylls of the King by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

6. The Merlin Codex by Robert Holdstock (this is a trilogy, haven’t decide if I’m going to treat them as separate reads)

I will probably add to this as I rummage through the bookshelves and find more on the theme.