moviesinfifteenminutesthe49179_f.jpgOr Hollywood blockbusters for people who can’t be bothered, as it says on the cover. Sometimes you just need something silly, and things are sufficiently heavy going at work that I set aside my current reading (that means you, Mr Banks) and tried something much, much lighter. This is quite good fun once you get used to the American slang and humour, and it hits more targets than it misses – particularly with Jurassic Park and Independence Day. The latter starts with “Congratulations on your decision to make a sci-fi disaster movie!” and points out that if you name your film after a holiday it will be televised every year. Helps if you’ve seen the films involved, and I was intrigued to see that of the ten covered, the only ones I hadn’t seen were Braveheart and Titanic. And now I don’t have to!

The tactic worked by the way as another 100 pages of Matter were disposed of today on the journey from Nottingham to London, so I am getting there.