breaknoboneskathyreichs39474_f.jpgI have just finished the last Kathy Reichs book, Break No Bones, knowing that the next Tempe Brennan book must be coming out fairly soon. I really enjoy these novels and find them far superior to Patricia Cornwell, but I wish Tempe spent a bit more time in Quebec – it was my fascination with anything remotely Canadian which got me into these stories in the first place. Having said all that, this is still excellent; we find Tempe helping out a colleague by running an archaeological field school in South Carolina, where she and her students find a decomposing body and off we go. I was pulled into the story, with both the whodunnit and Tempe’s personal life becoming ever more complicated, and found the ending very satisfying (even though I had a fairly good idea what the murder(s) were all about). Recommended.