Fragile ThingsFragile Things is another wonderful collection of short stories from Neil Gaiman, many previously published in other anthologies and magazines, but still very much worth reading together. I have been a fan since I was introduced to his Sandman graphic novels and have tried to read everything that has come out ever since. Favourite stories include “A Study in Emerald” where the worlds of Sherlock Holmes and HP Lovecraft meet (winner of a Hugo award 2004); “October in the Chair” which won a Locus Award in 2003; “Keepsakes and Treasures” which introduces Mr Smith and Mr Alice, two characters I hope the author will use again; and “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” a new story for the collection which I think is up for an award this year. Even though I’ve singled these stories out I enjoyed them all and can thoroughly recommend the collection if you enjoy fantasy and horror fiction.